• the thickness 0.18-0.3mm servo motor glaze tile roll forming machine
    Post time: 03-10-2017

    Recently, YUFA roll forming machine factory success to sent the roll forming machine that servo motor glazed tile for 0.18mm.   Usually the glaze tile roll forming machine is 3-4m/meter, because the press part should be stop the machine and press slowly. 3-4m/meter is not enough fast to pro...Read more »

  • The difference between c-shaped steel cutting
    Post time: 03-07-2017

    C steel colour steel equipment, has been favored by the clients in the construction industry, steel composition have been introduced for you today c steel machine cutting method for you. C steel machine is divided into hydraulic cut and fly saw cut, hydraulic cut gear hydraulic motor by dry seale...Read more »

  • pressure tile machine in the workshop placed matters needing attention
    Post time: 02-27-2017

    Installation of color steel tile machine equipment production line takes time to install it after moving it also need to spend a lot of cost, in order to avoid the second move, so the equipment in the workshop space must be planned in advance, the following I will introduce you to the color The p...Read more »

  • Pressure equipment used in the pressure equipment
    Post time: 02-25-2017

    In the use of pressure equipment, in order to prevent personal injury and equipment accidents must take security measures. The basic requirements are as follows: 1. Maintenance personnel, should be required to wear good labor protection supplies. 2. Without safe study, not on the job, the need fo...Read more »

  • Pressing machine can not automatically solve the problem
    Post time: 02-24-2017

    The origin of the equipment, the technology has been constantly updated, from the original semi-automatic manual cut off, has been upgraded to full automatic CNC control. The device can not be automatically resolved: 1. Check whether the device cutter reaches the upper limit, if there is no adjus...Read more »

  • How to Operate Control System of Color Steel Equipment
    Post time: 02-22-2017

    equipment control system if the operation is not correct, will give the production a serious impact, the following I share for you how to correct the operation. Correct operation of the control system: 1. First mentioned is the inverter, he is a very important part of the device, the role of prot...Read more »

  • The life of the equipment
    Post time: 02-21-2017

    What is the service life of the equipment? because some customers with a long time on this bad bad, both to increase maintenance costs, but also delay the duration, and some customers can use a long time to maintain normal production, which is usually to pressure tile Machine equipment maintenanc...Read more »

  • Why is the color steel equipment selected by the majority of customers
    Post time: 02-19-2017

    The introduction of color steel equipment, can greatly improve the production efficiency, the income cycle faster, the following I will detail to introduce you to the advantages of color steel equipment. The introduction of new equipment can also meet the customer some special production requirem...Read more »

  • the notice for delay delivery time during the spring festival from yufa roll forming machine
    Post time: 02-07-2017

    some machines delivery time is delayed because of spring festival, so here is a notice from YUFA roll forming machine manager. 1.all the delayed machine has been machining now. 2.all the delayed machines’ customers will get one set tools for the fixing machine. 3.all the  delayed machines&#...Read more »

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