The safety of electrical application of roll forming machine

The safety of roll forming machines and electrical applications, let’s learn about it with the editor below.
1. Electricians must understand the types and functions of electrical circuits and electrical equipment in the workshop and do not fully understand electrical equipment functions, so operation is prohibited.
2. When repairing the roll forming machine, pull down the switch and the knife, and hang the warning sign “No closing, no one is working” at the button and the blade, on the fence of the live equipment The aisle where passage is prohibited. , A warning sign of “stop, high voltage danger” should be hung up. A warning sign of “someone is working here” should be hung up at the workplace.
3. Electricians should check the conditions of cables, motors, electric consoles, and other equipment daily. Problems found during the inspection should be dealt with in time.
4. Except for temporary construction, use of electricity, or interim measures, temporary wires, lights, instruments, tools, and electric welders cannot be installed with safety switches and sockets. The original electrical wiring is not allowed to be changed without authorization.

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Post time: 03-19-2021
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