the thickness 0.18-0.3mm servo motor glaze tile roll forming machine

Recently, YUFA roll forming machine factory success to sent the roll forming machine that servo motor glazed tile for 0.18mm.


Usually the glaze tile roll forming machine is 3-4m/meter, because the press part should be stop the machine and press slowly. 3-4m/meter is not enough fast to produce the large program.And YUFA glaze tile has solve two big problems:

  1. fix the servo motor and soft program in the plc of machine, make them get together to running the machine well. the servo motor machine can produce 7-9 m/meter glaze tile.
  2. make the machine suit for the thickness 0.18mm. As we know the more thin thickness, more difficult to forming.but yufa glaze tile can do 0.18mm ppgi, gi.

Welcome to YUFA machine factory, if you want to buy the servo motor glaze tile roll forming machine, check the contact us.

Post time: 03-10-2017
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