the maintainance of roll forming machine

A roll forming machine is a widespread machine, and it needs to be maintained regularly during use. Only in this way can it be used commonly, and the maintenance should be divided into several parts. The following is keeping the tile press, mainly filters, hydraulic components, and hydraulic oil circuits.

The entire unit automation control system uses a highly integrated network to make the automation system perform better. The pipe fittings for the operation of the tile press lie in its three essential parts. The following is a detailed introduction:


1. Hydraulic part: Pay attention to the hydraulic oil’s cleanliness in the hydraulic system to maintain the quality of the hydraulic oil. Use hydraulic oil with good stability and high quality. In addition to regular changes, the operating temperature should be controlled appropriately below 50C to avoid the hydraulic action’s strength.


Electric control part: Traditional injection machines use contact relays to switch various actions. They often fail due to loose contact screws and aging contacts. Usually, new products should be replaced after one million times of use to maintain the electrical control stability. Environmental factors such as dust adhesion and humid air will also affect the machine’s operation. Modern injection machines use contactless integrated circuits. The connection of wires is significantly reduced, the undesirable phenomena caused by the cables are improved, and the stability is improved. The detection part of the tile press includes: pulse encoder to detect the length of color steel tile, pressure type up and down travel switch, cutter up and down travel switch, pressure type up and down operation buttons, cutter up and down travel button, emergency stop switch, Hydraulic start-stop switch and so on.


3. Mechanism part: The mechanism part should be regularly maintained and lubricated to reduce the friction coefficient and reduce wear. The nuts and locking screws on the head plate should be checked periodically to prevent the elbow from breaking due to uneven force. The mold thickness adjustment mechanism should regularly check whether the drive shaft’s large gear or chain is offset or slack. The screw on the equipment’s pressure plate is loose, whether the lubricating grease is sufficient, etc.


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Post time: 01-18-2021
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