The difference between c-shaped steel cutting

C steel colour steel equipment, has been favored by the clients in the construction industry, steel composition have been introduced for you today c steel machine cutting method for you.

C steel machine is divided into hydraulic cut and fly saw cut, hydraulic cut gear hydraulic motor by dry sealed sex poor, and capacity rent efficiency lower, and entered oil pressure cannot high, and cannot produced larger turned moment, and moments speed and turned moment with meshing points of location changes and changes, so gear hydraulic motor only for Yu high-speed small turned moment of occasions, General with dry engineering mechanical, and agricultural machinery and on turned moment uniform sex requirements not high of mechanical equipment Shang, hydraulic cut have back and forth for mold, and fly saw cut strip from equipment of tail into business,Leap sex to improve has, after various pressure roll suppressed into c steel from head sent out, after gradually improved production process, eventually achieved has full process process automatically control production efficiency, increased has customer equipment of technology content and added value, increased length measurement device and fly saw, dang suppressed length reached set for of length fly saw moving, automatically cut profile, fly saw cut relative Yu hydraulic for voice than smaller.Jade specializes in producing, all kinds of construction machinery, such as your needs are welcome to inquire.

Post time: 03-07-2017
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