Side By Side Roll Forming Machine

What’s the side by side roll forming machine? Installing multiple sets of rollers on their shafts can further reduce the time to replace the rollers. The simplest arrangement for a narrow section is to have two sets of rolls on a common shaft.

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Uncoiler pre-punching press, cutting press, suitable for a set of rolls.
When required to change the drawing, the roll forming machine base moves horizontally. Use the second set of rollers to aim at the other devices. The replacement time of the whole set is less than two minutes.
Side by side cold roll forming machine has the advantage of a lot of work efficiency.
The disadvantage is that installing and adjusting the settings of one roller will change the settings of other rollers at the same time.
However, with one or two sets of stations frame, this disadvantage can be overcome.

In order to ensure a smaller replacement time. Each set of rollers shall have its own entry guide.

With the advantage of rapid replacement of side by side roll forming machine, some customers require three sets of rolls on the same shaft. Consideration should be given to the requirements of the repair process. Preferably, two sets of rolls are mounted on a single shaft.

Post time: 06-17-2020
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