The Standing Seam Roof System

The standing seam roof system has always been the mainstream metal roof design in European and American countries, and it has also been widely used in China, such as stadiums, convention centers, airports, stations, and other large landmark buildings.

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  1. The roof panel can be the whole length of the roof, eliminating the overlap joints, eliminating the hidden danger of water leakage, and enhancing the appearance’s integrity and perception.
  2. The ribs are higher so that a more extensive drainage section can be obtained, which prevents rainwater from infiltrating from the lap edge, effectively solves the water and drainage problems of low-slope improves the applicability of long-distance flat roofs.
  3. Standing seam roofing can install the cold bridge’s thermal insulation pad under the vertical seaming roof system’s fixed seat, which can effectively prevent the cold bridge phenomenon of the thermal insulation roof and prevent condensate formation. And can make energy use more efficient, achieve the energy-saving effect.

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Post time: 01-29-2021
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